Celebrate Masturbation Awareness Month...

Jun 06 , 2021

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Celebrate Masturbation Awareness Month...

If you’re not a sexpert like myself, you may not have known that May is Masturbation Awareness Month. While International Masturbation Day is May 28th, we dedicate the entire month to awareness and celebration of a scintillatingly enjoyable and anatomically natural form of pleasure that we think very highly of. This year’s celebration couldn’t come at a better time as many around the world find themselves with lots of alone time and less access to sexual partners. While there are many great reasons to masturbate this month (and every month), here are a few of our favorites.

It’s the Safest Form of Sex Right Now

This may go without saying, but having solo sex is the safest way to prevent sexually transmitted infections and, especially right now, viruses. Now, we’re not saying avoid sex with a trusted partner you live or are quarantining with. However, if you’re not living with a sexual partner, masturbation is the safest way to go to scratch that itch for pleasure while keeping a safe social distance. Just make sure you clean up your toys if you’re bringing them to the party.

It Helps with Sexual Functioning and Disease Prevention

There are some unintended, but potentially life changing, benefits of masturbating from a health and wellness standpoint. Research suggests that vibrator use, a major activity in masturbation for vulva owners, may lead to more positive sexual functioning and lead to a person being more proactive about their sexual health. For penis owners, research also suggests that more frequent ejaculation can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. There has also been research suggesting that masturbation has therapeutic potential to fight certain cardiovascular diseases.

It Activates Hormones in the Brain that Promote Happiness

Masturbation (orgasm specifically) has been known to be involved in the release of oxytocin and dopamine in the brain, known as the “happiness” and “love” hormone, respectively. As is explained in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, oxytocin development begins right before pregnancy, continues during birth and later, travels throughout the entire body, triggering, or modulating a full range of physiological functions and emotions: happiness, attraction, love, and affection. The same hormones that are activated when experiencing happiness, love and affection are also activated during orgasm.

However you choose to celebrate Masturbation Awareness Month, make sure to do it safely and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! 

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