Lingerie Size Guide

Care Instructions:

When it comes to washing & drying your lingerie, please follow care instructions given on the labelling of garments and here are our recommendations.


We strongly recommend that you hand wash all lingerie for best results. If using a washing machine, place item into a lingerie wash bag with the bra hooks done up and use a cool/cold wash with a gentle detergent on a gentle cycle. We are unable to offer a refund/exchange if items have been damaged in a washing machine, even if a lingerie wash bag has been used. On rare occasions, items can be damaged in any type of washing machine, which is why hand washing is best.

Moulded Bras - hand washing is advised. If using a wash bag, fold one cup into the other to contain the shape. Not following these instructions may cause the bra fabric to shrink/break down, under wires can become misshapen or pop out, and other clothes can be damaged by bra hooks. We also recommended using a wash bag for your knickers. If you notice that your under wires seem to pop through the center (or sides) of your bras, then you may need to check that you are putting your bras on correctly.

If you 'flip' the wires over when you put the cups on, then the wires will bend and they will be forced through the fabric after a few wears.

Shapewear & Stockings:

> Cold or warm hand wash.
> Wash colours separately.
> Hang to dry.
> No tumble drying.
> Do not iron.
> Do not bleach.
> Do not dry clean. 



    Polyester is a sturdy material that is strong and lightweight. Polyester is a generalised term for any fabric or textile, which is made using polyester yarns or fibres. It is a shortened name for synthetic, man-made plastic.

    It is a common material for clothing and bondage accessories like blindfolds as it is resistant to wrinkling or stretching.

    Polyester is lightweight and quick-drying and can be made to feel relatively smooth and silky. However, it is not a breathable fabric.

    Follow the instructions of your product for cleaning.


    Nylon is a strong and sturdy synthetic material. Nylon is an umbrella term for synthetic materials that are processed into different shapes and textures for various uses.

    Nylon is a plastic that is commonly used for lingerie and bondage accessories like rope. It is lightweight, strong and resistant to shrinkage.

    It is generally quite soft and silky and is shinier and stretchier than polyester.

    Follow the instructions of your product for cleaning.


    Leather is a strong, flexible and durable material made from animal skin and hides. Leather is obtained from the tanning or chemical treatment of animal skins and hides. The most common leathers come from cattle or sheep but leather may also be made from pigs, goats or alligators.

    Leather is a very common material in the world of BDSM and many bondage tools and restraint items are made from this material.

    It can be treated to be smooth and soft, firm or highly textured. It can tease and tickle the skin or it can cause pain if it is spanked hard against the body.
    Clean your leather with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry naturally. Store your leather out of direct sunlight.

    Please Note: Our Lingerie Size Charts Are A Guide Only. For additional information, please head on over to our: FAQ's

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