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Bound X Padded Cuffs And Collar Set With Thin Strap Black

Bound X

Full Restraints

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Toe the line between pleasure and pain with the Bound X range of premium, extreme, handcrafted BDSM and bondage toys. Exquisite quality, gorgeous detailing, and a wide range of styles means you’re guaranteed to fall in love with at least one of these luxurious toys – but which will it be? Be warned – these toys are not for the faint of heart. From spiked floggers to heavy-duty suspension cuffs, a more experienced hand is required to ensure full enjoyment of these toys, but if that’s you, you’re in for a treat!

Sleek, black, and elegant – these cuffs are a classic restraint that can do it all while looking classy and keeping you safe. A wide, luxuriously padded band envelops your wrists, ankles, or neck, giving a constricted feeling while lessening the risk of accident – but the thin outer strap adds a touch of elegance as well.

Cuffs are a staple toy for anyone interested in BDSM or restraint play! Whether you’re looking to secure your partner for a long, tantalising scene or simply want an easy way to shake things up a little, cuffs are an excellent choice. Only your imagination limits you! This cuff set includes all you need to secure your partner in any way imaginable! The included pair of wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and collar will help you bring your fantasies to life.

The high-quality leather used in the handcrafting of these cuffs ensures that, if properly looked after, they will last you a lifetime. This leather polishes to a shine while keeping the gorgeous, tactile texture that leather is known for, and is one of the most durable materials cuffs can be made from.

This product includes a gorgeous little Share Satisfaction keychain sporting the popular saying “if you know, you know” so that you can subtly let others in on your kinks and preferences.

Key features of the Bound X Padded Cuffs and Collar Set with Thin Strap:

  • High-quality leather and stainless-steel materials
  • Handcrafted to the highest standard
  • Elegant black
  • Sleek silver hardware
  • Luxuriously padded for comfort
  • Elegant thin strap detail
  • Adjustable straps for various body sizes
  • Ideal for BDSM scenes and restraint play
  • #IYKYK keychain included

How to use the Bound X Padded Cuffs and Collar Set with Thin Strap:

These cuffs can be used in any way your imagination desires! Undo the buckles and fasten each cuff around the wrists, ankles, or neck of your partner. The metal D rings can be used to attach rope, chain, or a lock and secure the cuffs to each other or an object of your choice. Communication is important when engaging in scenes or play involving restraints to ensure a safe, pleasurable experience.

When using restraints, we recommend thorough testing to confirm you know the best way to remove them quickly in an emergency. If a lock is used, ensure that you have multiple sets of keys, and they are stored in a safe place that all parties involved are aware of.

How to care for the Bound X Padded Cuffs and Collar Set with Thin Strap:

We recommend that this product be cleaned with a lightly damp cloth and left to air dry after use. If necessary, you can use gentle dish soap as well. Lather the soap onto a clean, damp sponge and rub onto the leather. Rinse the sponge until clean and wipe lather away. Leave to air dry. To ensure this product has a long life, use a high-quality leather conditioner on it every 4-6 months and store in a cool, dry place.

Specifications & Measurements:

  • Material: Leather, stainless steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Allergens: Body safe materials
  • Wrist cuff total length: 13.1 Inch (33.2cm)
  • Wrist cuff width: 2.5 Inch (6.4cm)
  • Wrist cuff smallest circumference: 6.3 Inch (15.9cm)
  • Wrist cuff largest circumference: 9.4 Inch (23.9cm)
  • Ankle cuff total length: 15.5 Inch (39.4cm)
  • Ankle cuff width: 2.5 Inch (6.4cm)
  • Ankle cuff smallest circumference: 9.4 Inch (23.9cm)
  • Ankle cuff largest circumference: 11 Inch (27.9cm)
  • Collar total length: 19 Inch (48.1cm)
  • Collar width: 2.5 Inch (6.4cm)
  • Collar smallest circumference: 9.4 Inch (23.9cm)
  • Collar largest circumference: 14.1 Inch (35.9cm)

Please Note: This is a handcrafted product; measurements may differ slightly from those above.

About the manufacturer:

The Bound X range of premium leather products is brought to you by Share Satisfaction, New Zealand's leading sex toy brand who provide nothing but excellence to their customers. Products are carefully curated to bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction all whilst using body-safe materials.

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